Everything you need to know

SmartWash® and SmartWash Organic are each a combination of ingredients that act as an acidulant, replacing citric acid in fresh-cut produce processing. Our Automated SmartWash Analytical Platform (ASAP) precisely monitors wash water chemistry and injects calculated amounts of chlorine and SmartWash to ensure optimum levels of each. This increases pH control in chlorinated wash systems, allowing your system to operate in a range with the highest percentage of chlorine in the HOCl form (the fastest acting anti-microbial form of chlorine).

The second component of SmartWash harbors chlorine in commercial wash systems and prevents the reactive interference of organic and inorganic material. The synergistic effect between SmartWash and chlorine has been verified by USDA-ARS laboratories.

While any acid added to wash water will lower the pH, the phosphoric acid in SmartWash has chemical properties that make it a better buffer over a wider pH range than other acids available to the industry. In addition, SmartWash allows for a much lower operating pH range than is possible with citric acid without off-gassing or compromising the product. This, combined with SmartWash’s ability to prevent chlorine reaction with organic materials, makes it the superior choice to all other available acidulants.
SmartWash and SmartWash Organic are Pareve and have received Star-K Kosher certification. Please notify your Kosher certifying agencies of the use of SmartWash. If necessary, contact Star-K at 410.484.4110 or www.star-k.org.
No, SmartWash is a processing aid as defined under FDA regulation 101.100 (a)(3): “Substances that are added to a food for their technical or functional effect in the processing but are present in the finished food at insignificant levels and do not have any technical or functional effect in that food.”
GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) is the term used for substances that have been accepted by FDA for inclusion in food products without additional testing based on either documentation provided by the ingredient manufacturer or a long history of usage without reports of injury. SmartWash and its components are accepted by the FDA as GRAS under the intended use.
SmartWash Solutions products provide an immediate improvement to your plant’s food safety program. The plant’s HACCP team will determine how it affects the HACCP program through a risk analysis. All decisions on HACCP, including what is and isn’t a CCP or CP, should be decided internally and be based on a thorough risk analysis. However, SmartWash Solutions’ technical staff can advise on best practices and operating ranges in regards to pH and free chlorine within the plant’s wash systems.
SmartWash Solutions’ system allows for product changeovers without the risk of cross-contamination, improving efficiency by saving valuable production time and costly water. However, it is important to note that maintaining a reasonable turbidity level in wash water is important for a number of reasons including proper chlorine management and better shelf life. We suggest a constant introduction of fresh water into all single-stage wash systems as well as in the last stage of any multiple-stage wash lines.
The PTW (Pre-Treated Water manifold) adds both chlorine and SmartWash under controlled conditions to all incoming water, providing stability to all process water within a facility and ensuring that all water contains a known amount of chlorine and SmartWash at start up, as well as incoming replacement water.

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For spare or replacement parts, please contact your SmartWash Solutions representative.

In addition to our revolutionary food wash enhancer and the cutting-edge technology of our (ASAP), PPDL and Pinpoint Calibration System, SmartWash Solutions provides a full service partnership that ensures you have state-of-the-art equipment, expert calibration, extensive training, easy integration and real-time monitoring of your process line.
Except for the product that is currently in use, SmartWash chemicals should be stored in an area with adequate ventilation and in a secured, locked area with restricted access. We recommend that you store open containers in a spill containment area or in/on a portable spill container. All SmartWash barrels and totes are labeled prior to shipment and the label should remain on the barrel at all times. The storage area should be labeled as a “hazardous storage area” and kept between 32 degrees F and 100 degrees F.


SmartWash has been used to wash over 2 billion pounds of leafy greens at a rate of over 90 million servings per week. The time-tested technology has helped to significantly reduce outbreaks across the nation during the past 3 years of full commercial use. The result is a safe, high quality product for all consumers in both the retail and foodservice sectors. SmartWash has been fully implemented on a variety of wash line types and can be immediately applied in line with existing equipment.