In the News

  • HMC Farms Adds SmartWash to State-of-the-Art Grape Wash Line

    SmartWash Solutions December 1, 2020

    HMC Farms, a leading grower, processor and shipper of great tasting fresh fruit, including ready-to-serve seedless grape packs, recently upgraded the grape wash line at their Kingsburg, CA facility. Central to the technological innovations on the enhanced wash line are process control solutions from SmartWash Solutions.

    "With the SmartWash equipment and new Process Pro Data Live (PPDL) 2020 in place, we now have increased visibility and management of our CCP process wash systems. Additionally, the system has maintained effectiveness and stability at all times, causing zero downtime for many months now," reports Maxwell Cawley, Chief Operating Officer at HMC Farms.

  • Study Shows Significant Reduction of Foodborne Illness Risk in Leafy Greens with SmartWash Boost Pretreatment

    SmartWash Solutions November 10, 2020

    SmartWash Solutions®, a produce industry leader in fresh cut food safety, continues to provide revolutionary advancements to mitigate foodborne illness risk. A recent study presented by the USDA-ARS has shown the company’s SmartWash Boost product, a patent-pending process aid used to pretreat iceberg and romaine lettuces prior to washing, can be found to virtually eliminate the risk of outbreaks from these leafy greens when coupled with industry food safety best practices.

  • SmartWash Solutions® Announces Annual Food Safety Partner Recognition

    SmartWash Solutions October 08, 2020

    SmartWash Solutions, a company founded on advancing process control systems to improve food safety and mitigate wash line cross-contamination, is highlighting food safety month by initiating the SmartWash Circle of Excellence to recognize top-performing US-based processing plants.

  • PPDL 2020 Offers Improved Real-Time Wash Line Data Available From SmartWash Solutions®

    SmartWash Solutions August 03, 2020

    SmartWash Solutions announced the release of PPDL 2020, providing significant enhancements to Process Pro Data Live (PPDL), the online tool for produce processing plant managers to monitor real-time performance of their wash lines’ water chemistry and quickly locate potential problems to improve efficiency and food safety.

  • SmartWash Solutions® Celebrates 10 Years

    SmartWash Solutions November 19, 2019

    In its tenth year of serving the fresh-cut produce industry, SmartWash Solutions supports operations and food safety in eight countries, while effectively treating over five billion pounds of produce each year. This represents approximately 20 billion servings annually of healthy, fresh produce without a single confirmed food-borne illness outbreak on a SmartWash system-protected wash line.

  • Training Customers and Helping With FSMA Compliance

    ASAP technology on a working washline. June 20, 2017

    SmartWash Solutions is taking steps to ensure their customers are prepared to face Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) compliance challenges head-on. During the week of June 5, 2017, SmartWash partners were led through a comprehensive training that makes sure they are up to date on how to correctly and most effectively use the SmartWash Solutions system of products to enhance their food safety program.

  • PMA Recognizes SmartWash Solutions

    Bob Whitaker of PMA and Jim Brennan of SmartWash shaking hands May 05, 2017

    The first-ever winner of Produce Marketing Association’s (PMA) Science & Technology Circle of Excellence Award epitomizes the goal of the new award program. Not only do the 2017 awardee’s products and services harness science and technology to help address major industry challenges, but the company also serves the industry selflessly as a volunteer leader.

  • True Leaf Farms Expands SmartWash Solutions on All Wash Lines

    Logo for True Leaf Farms. January 31, 2017

    True Leaf Farms, the processing arm for fresh cut produce under Church Brothers, takes the next step in their food safety program by expanding their use of SmartWash Solutions on all their wash lines.

  • SmartWash Solutions Launches Brand New Website

    Screenshot of new homepage design. August 31, 2016

    The complete rebuild of stemmed from the company’s goal to communicate their story and services in a more accessible, easy to understand format. They achieved this by trimming 17 pages down to eight concise pages that streamline their information.

  • Pinpoint Calibration System Improves Process Control Systems

    Still frame of water drop. October 28, 2015

    SmartWash Solutions announces their newest product, the patent-pending Pinpoint Calibration System. This system, which includes the Precision Chlorine Sensor Calibrator and Chlorine Standard Testing Solution, improves the performance of chlorine-based wash systems with easy, accurate and efficient test results.

  • McEntire Continues to Partner with SmartWash to Overcome Food Safety Challenges

    Still frame of water drop. June 23, 2015

    Fresh produce repacker McEntire Produce, Columbia, S.C., has expanded their use of SmartWash® Solutions products to improve their wash line performance. The SmartWash system plays a key role in monitoring food safety as it mitigates cross contamination. In addition, SmartWash improves production “uptime” and plant capacity, while reducing operational costs. SmartWash’s enhanced, real-time data monitoring and analytics dashboard, combined with their recently released free chlorine electrode calibrator system, provides verification of process control and ensures the greatest accuracy in the industry. These two innovative technologies are currently available to the industry.

  • SmartWash® Customer Wins Food Safety Award

    Woman in field May 02, 2013

    SmartWash® customer Taylor Farms Foodservice is the winner of the 12th annual Food Quality Award presented by DuPont and Food Quality Magazine. In a commitment to improved food safety, Taylor Farms integrated SmartWash® Solutions into all of its chlorine-based wash systems in all of its processing plants. DuPont and Food Quality Magazine recognized Taylor Farms for that dedication to food safety, and by extention SmartWash® Solutions, a revolutionary wash enhancer that boosts the effectiveness of standard wash systems. Taylor Farms was presented the Food Quality Award at a ceremony in Baltimore on May 1, 2013.

  • SmartWash® Organic OMRI Listed

    Woman in field smiling and holding a book. May 07, 2012

    The Organic Materials Review Institute has announced the listing of SmartWash® Organic (SWº, sma-2965), indicating compliance with the OMRI Policy and Standards Manual, based on the USDA National Organic Program Rule (7 CFR Part 205). In obtaining the coveted OMRI® Listing, SmartWash® Organic successfully completed a rigorous review to ensure compliance with USDA organic standards.